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          I. TBMM Building, the building where the TGNA activities were carried out between 1920-1924. Ankara is located in Ulus Square of Çankaya district I. Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the construction of the building, in 1915, designed as başlanmıştır.ilk the Committee of Union and Progress clubhouse building plan by a pious foundation architect Salim Bey, the Army Corps architect Hasip was supervised by Mr. .

The most prominent feature of the two-storey building in the Turkish architectural style is the use of Ankara stone (Andesite) on the walls.

The building, which was not completed yet, was completed with the contribution of the nation as a work of national excitement.

of 15 October 1924. With April 23, 1920 I. Turkey used as Parliamentary Grand National building then the Republican People's Party headquarters and continued to function as the School of Law, in 1952, was transferred to the Ministry of Education, in 1957 initiated efforts to convert it into a museum. Building on April 23, 1961 "Museum of Grand National Assembly of Turkey" with the name is opened to the public.

Within the framework of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Atatürk's birth, it was reopened in 1981 as a result of restoration and exhibition-arrangement works by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Monuments and Museums in 1981 under the name of "Museum of the War of Independence".

I. Grand National Assembly of Turkey republic's first building used as both the government's administrative center, is a place where both state-managed. This form, which is a result of the understanding of the parliamentary government in the period, also stems from the harsh conditions of the conditions of war. In the War of Independence Museum, government chambers such as the Council of Ministers' rooms are still under consideration.

The Museum of the War of Independence is the owner of a large collection. Naturally, the works that were taken from the old form of the building are exhibited while the memoirs of the congresses are exhibited within the structure. On the other hand, the documents belonging to the Treaty of Lausanne and the Treaty of Sevres, the gifts of various states and the correspondence and communication tools describing the spirit of the period are exhibited within the structure.

The artifacts of the War of Independence Museum are the works of the Presidency of the Presidency of the Presidency of the Assembly. In addition to these, the lower floor photography and various works of art are exhibited. On top, there are excellent products of congress periods, minutes of agreements, interesting telegrams of the period and correspondence signed by Mustafa Kemal himself. On the other hand, memories of the Great Offensive in the War of Independence Museum attract visitors.


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