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          Gilindir Cave or Mirror Lake, 7.5 km southeast of Aydıncık district of Mersin, the cave between Sancak Burnu and Kurtini Creek. It was found by a shepherd by coincidence. The cave, which overlooks the sea and is just in front of a small village, can be reached from the sea and the land.

Total 555 m length, according to the entrance - 46 m depth of 22 m height from the entrance cave, covered with all kinds of dripstone formations. Also in the cave is the large lake with width 18-30, length 140, depth 5-7 meters. The entrance to the cave is 50m above sea level. In height.

With a change of hydrological regime, the stalactites such as stalactites and stalagmites in the cave have survived to the present day without being affected by atmospheric changes. It was understood that the underwater formations were formed before the global climate change and they retained all the hydrological and atmospheric data related to the previous Ice Age. Gilindire Cave is the only registration point in the Eastern Mediterranean with respect to the recent climate change.


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