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        Miniatürk or Miniature Turkey Park is the largest miniature park in the world with 60,000 square meters of models of various works in Turkey. Miniatürk is located in an old park area near the Golden Horn. Miniatürk, launched on June 30, 2001, opened on May 2, 2003.


          Miniaturk was opened on the 2nd of May 2003, and it was the miniaturk of Turkey, which was launched with the slogan of "A Little Model of the Great Country". Among the thousands of historical artifacts, 122 architectural works selected according to their awareness, models were included. The voice guidance system next to the works is also applied for the first time in Miniaturk. The system provides information on nine different levels. Taking its power and beauty from the back of 3000 years old civilizations, Miniaturk is not only a pleasant excursion park but also a cultural and social responsibility project. The younger generations discover in Miniaturk how nourishing they are with a deep civilization. Miniaturk, the first address of domestic and foreign tourists in Istanbul, is also an ideal place for those who want to take a magnificent Turkey tour in a short time. In short: Miniaturk also has Panorama Victory Museum and Kristal Istanbul Museum. There is a playground where children and young people can have a good time, a go-kart, a controlled boat, a tranbolle and a Miniaturk Express train that circles the whole area.


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