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         Manazan Caves Yeşildere (ibrala) It lies to the east of Yeşildere Valley, between the villages of Taşkale (Kızıllar) and on the side of the Karaman - Yeşildere Taşkale road. The distance to Karaman is 40 km. d. It is a five-storey mass dwelling carved into a high rock mass by a human hand.

The first two floors consist of many cells in the east-west direction. It has a strategic position to control the valley from east and west. Other floors carved into the high rock mass in the region are respectively; The Sand Castle is named the Square of the Horse and the Square of the Dead.

Since the façade of the caves was destroyed by natural events, there is no significant entrance today. On the 1st floor there are many burial chambers in the form of tricks. Some of the rooms on the floor from east to west were found to be chapels. There are traces of some geometric shapes and frescoes. The largest of the chapels is located in the eastern section. The southern façade on the slope was demolished as a result of natural phenomena.

Although there are no exact data to determine when the caves were carved, it is understood from these small finds that the caves were carved and settled in the Byzantine period in the 6th - 7th centuries. The caves must have been carved and used in this period both for safety and because of the property of the clayey limestone to keep the heat and humidity constant.

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