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          The Maiden's Tower is a building built on a small island in the Salacak openings, subject to legends, which narrate various stories about it.The tower, which became the symbol of Üsküdar, is the only work remaining from the Byzantine era in Üsküdar. It has a historical past dating back to 24 BC. Some European historians call it Leander's Tower. There are many rumors about the tower. Evliya Çelebi describes the tower as follows:

"In the sea, an arrow from the land far away, four corners, a high craft made of craftsmen. Height is 80 (eighty) full. The surface is two hundred steps. There are doors on both sides. "


          Important parts of the bases and lower floors seen today. II. Mehmed is a monumental structure. The area around the wagon is covered wide. A marble plate in the form of a medallion on top of it, the Sultan II. Mahmud has a brick dated 1832, which came out of the nickname of Calligrapher Rasim. There is also a cistern in the wider Eminönü side.


          It was first used as a customs station with an annex building built during the Byzantine period, which was home to a landscape in the Greek period. During the Ottoman period, many functions were carried out from the demonstration platform to the defense fortress, from the exile station to the quarantine room. It has never lost its function of guiding people with their primary duty and their presence to the past, and the night with the winking lantern to the last ships. It leads the dreams of the future to the future the most. The Maiden's Tower was restored in 2000 and has now been transformed into a space where cutlery sounds are heard. The transportation to the girl's tower is made with boats from Salacak and Ortaköy.


          The Maiden's Tower, which is a very old historical past, was once used for the purpose of obtaining taxes from ships passing through the Straits. A large chain was pulled along the European side of the tower and the ships were allowed to pass between the Anatolian side and the Maiden's Tower (because the ships were small at that time). After a while, the tower did not carry a chain and was destroyed towards the European side. When you look inside the water, you can see ruins.


          The tower, which is known with the names Arkla (small castle) and Damialis (calf) in Antiquity, was once renowned for its name "Tour de Leandros" (Tower of Leandros). Now it is integrated with the name of the Maiden Tower and is referred to by this name.


Hero and Leandros Myth

          Hero is one of Aphrodite's priests, who are described as the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology, and serves in the Maiden's Tower. Because of being a nun, love is forbidden and there is no connection with men.

One day she passes for a ceremony from the slave she has stayed for years. There he meets another priest named Leandros and falls in love with him for the first time. Priest Leandros gets the same feeling. The only way they can see it is to let Leandros swim through the cold, swampy waters of the Bosphorus at night. The story of a couple who loves this for a while is ending with the flashing of the flashlight, so that a windy night leads hero's love. Leandros drowns and dies, losing his way in the dark. According to heresy, Sister Hero, who witnessed this situation with his eyes, can not withstand the pain he has suffered, and he puts an end to his life by leaving himself in the waters of the throat.

Based on this legend, the Romans called it the Leandros Tower.


Legend of Poisonous Snake in Basket

The King's Wife

In ancient times it was said that a Roman emperor, the fortune-teller, would die. She also places her in the Maiden's Tower to protect her. He does not allow anyone else besides himself and his special servants to enter. Nevertheless, he can not escape fate, and the snake that comes out of the food basket sent to the queen stabs him there and kills him.


Lady Sultan

According to this story, one of the Seljuk Sultans sees that the girl she loves very much in his dream will be bitten by a snake and die. The sultan, who grabs the vesvesey, places her daughter in the tower. He will not let anybody, including himself, come in and out of the tower. Even water and milk are poured on special pipes. Then years later the lady sultan gets sick. The young girl is barely healed by the best doctor known to that day. On top of that, ladies' sultana gifts are sent from many different places, among them a basket of grapes. The snake, hidden in the grape basket, poisoned the lady that night and killed her.

Battal Gazi Legend 

Another Turkish Maiden's Tower legend is about Sayyid Battal Gazi. Battal Gazi participates in the siege of Istanbul under the command of Harun Rashid, the then Islamic Caliphate. Battal Gazi continues to stay in Üsküdar, while the Islamic army, which can not get results without surrounding it, withdraws. Because tekfurun is in love with his daughter. However, Üsküdar tekfuru, with the permission of the emperor, attempts to imprison her daughter in the tower and break her from Battal. On top of this, Seyyid Battal, one night by pressing the Tower of Girls, take both the tekfurun daughter and the treasures in the house. Famous is said to be based on this legend as "the horse passed the Üsküdar".


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