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         Lake Mogan or Lake Gölbaşı with its local name is a lake in Gölbaşı district, 25 km south of Ankara.The surface area of ​​Mogan Lake is 561.2 Hectares (5.61 km²), the average depth is 2.80 m., The surface area is 972 m., The length of the lake is 14 km., The length is 11 km. and the average width is 500 meters. The deepest place in the dry season is 4.5 meters and the average depth of the water is about 5 meters in the period when the water is highest. Carp fish, tench, pike, silver fish, catfish and crayfish are in the lake.

The Mogan lake is formed behind the alluvium accumulation, the water of the lake is slightly salty. It is linked to Lake Eymir. Both Mogan and Eymir Lakes are "set lakes"; Plenty of stones such as sand and gravel dragged from Ankara Elmadag rises up in a old valley in the form of accumulation cones, and Eymir Lake and Mogan Lake (5 to 10 meters deep) appear in the bowls.

Mogan Lake is fed by a total of 11 streams and the main ones are Sukesen, Başpınar, Gölova, Yavrucak, Çolakpınar, Tatlım, Kaldırım and Gölcük creeks. Mogan and Eymir lakes, which are divided by Gölbaşı district and Ankara-Konya highway, are connected to each other by a channel passing under the Ankara-Konya road and Eymir Lake is fed from Mogan Lake; Mogan Lake is the main source of the lake and through the regulator and channel at the exit of Mogan Eymir Lake, which is 3 meters lower than Mogan is fed. It is also 10–15 km between two lakes. Alluvial layers with thicknesses, pulling the water collected by the Kepekliboğazı stream and other secondary streams, which swell with precipitation, help the feeding of Eymir Lake from the bottom. The Eymir Lake's exit is towards Imrahor Valley, and the lake's excess water flows to the Imrahor Valley in the West-East direction.

After the heavy rains in 1910, Mogan and Eymir lakes united on the surface and became a single lakes. These lakes are covered with intense vineyards, agricultural land, and wetlands in the south. To date, 226 bird species have been recorded in Lake Mogan. The lake is one of the most important breeding grounds in the world. In Eymir Lake, the most common bird species are sakarmeke, mallard duck, elmabaş patka and bahrid.

In 2010 and 2011, the abundant rainfall around Ankara affected both Mogan and Lake Eymir positively. After many years, a lot of water was released from Mogan Lake to Lake Eymir with the opening of regulator caps. The area was also protected from flooding and on Eymir Lake, underwater and above-water life could be enriched.


Recreation Area Around Mogan Lake

Nature park is built on 644.979 m² area. Picnic areas within the nature park area. There are 2 mini football fields and basketball fields. Equestrian center in sports center, sports center, Mogan Lake Research Center, lighthouse building, boathouse, water tank, various cafeterias, advisory buildings, WC (toilets) buildings, tennis, golf, skateboard and serves bicycle club buildings.

Along the coastline of Mogan Lake, a 4-kilometer wooden platform beach walkway was built on the coastline of the Lake Mogan, and 3 cruise terraces and 400 benchs were placed on the road. In the evenings, the surface of the lake is illuminated by a laser system mounted on the top of the lighthouse. On the hill overlooking the Mogan lake, there is an amphitheater for 3000 people and a modern wedding hall for 1000 people.


Ecology and Environmental Problems

In the waters of Mogan Lake, carp, tench, crane fish, silverfish, crawfish grows. However, the low percentage of oxygen in the lake and environmental pollution threaten fish breeds. The lake is exposed to urban and industrial pollution. In 2008, the water was supplied to the lake by the water from Kızılırmak river. In 2009, thousands of young silver fish and carp were killed when this water was not given. In 2012, four streams were fed into Mogan and five thousands of fish hit the shore.


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