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          Lake Eymir is a lake located within the provincial boundaries of Ankara. The land belongs to Middle East Technical University. METU Sports Club Rowing Team is a study area; There is a boathouse on the lake. The lake has its own fauna and flora. The name "Eymir" has become synonymous with METU. "Eymir Cultural Foundation", which was founded in 1986 by METU graduates, was named after it.


METU Afforestation and Eymir Land

          In the travel notes of the 1930s, Nahid Sırrı stated that the area around Örik Lake is entirely made up of arid land and that there is no greenery. The land area of ​​45 square kilometers allocated to METU - Middle East Technical University, which was established by special law in 1956, included Eymir Lake. With the special efforts of METU rector Kemal Kurdaş in the 60s, all this land and the surroundings of Lake Eymir were afforested and became a greenery in the middle of the steppe. In 1995, Kemal Kurdaş and the director of afforestation for METU, Alattin Egemen, were awarded together with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

On the lake land, there is also the BARIŞ FOUNTAIN which was built in 1963 in the forest, very close to METU Rowing Team Boathouse. Many METU teachers, students, and even the presence of a graduate even little aware of the existence of this elegant Monument-Cesme hidden among the trees, quietly and quietly flowing water to those who arrive next to the water.


Physical Properties

          Lake Mogan and Lake Eymir, which are divided by Gölbaşı district and Ankara-Konya highway, are connected to each other through a channel passing under the state highway of Ankara-Konya and Lake Eymir is fed from Mogan Lake; The main source of the lake is Lake Mogan and it is fed by the regulator and channel at the exit of Mogan and Eymir Lake, which is 3 meters lower than Mogan. It is also 10–15 km between two lakes. Alluvial layers with thicknesses, pulling the water collected by the Kepekliboğazı stream and other secondary streams, which swell with precipitation, help the feeding of Eymir Lake from the bottom. The Eymir Lake exit is towards Imrahor Valley, and the lake's excess water forms the Imrahor Stream, which flows into the Imrahor Valley in the direction of the West-East. (Mogan Lake is fed by a total of 11 streams and the main ones are Sukesen, Başpınar, Gölova, Yavrucak, Çolakpınar, Tatlım, Kaldırım and Gölcük streams).

Seyyah Kandemir, in his book "Ankara Province," states that after the heavy rainfall in 1910, two lakes have merged on the surface and become the only lake.

Both Lake Mogan and Lake Eymir are "set lakes"; Plenty of stone, such as gravel and pebbles dragged from Ankara Elmadağı, are stacked in a conglomerate in an old valley, and Eymir Lake and Mogan Lake (5 to 10 meters deep) have been found behind them.

The surface area of ​​Eymir Lake is 108.8 Hectares (1.09 km²), the average depth is 3.80 m. The deepest place in the arid time is 5.5 meters and the average depth of the water reaches 5 meters in the highest period.

The surface area of ​​Mogan Lake is 561.2 Hectares (5.61 km2), the average depth is 2.80 m., The surface level is 972 m., The lake circumference is 14 km. The deepest place in the dry season is 4.5 meters and the average depth reaches 5 meters in the period when the water is highest.


Natural life

          These lakes are covered with intensive vineyards, agricultural land, and wetland meadows in the south and approximately 160 bird species. To date, 226 bird species have been recorded in Lake Mogan. The lake is one of the most important breeding grounds in the world. In Eymir Lake, the most common bird species are sakarmeke, mallard duck, elmabaş patka and bahrid.

Until 1995, various water sports, especially rowing, can be done, including carp, broadcasting, pike and velvet fish, as well as sporty fishing, as well as the important point of interest of commercial fishing with lakes. Mass fish deaths and bird species decrease.


Decontamination Efforts and Environmental Pollution Threat


Distorted urbanization in the region, bad use of the lake shore, the transformation of the area between two lakes into an irregular slag and landfill, and the environmental highway which passes through this area and can lead to noise and air pollution. , wastewater discharged to the collection basin of lakes, pesticides used in the past have caused lakes to become present. In 2010 and 2011, the abundant rainfall around Ankara affected both Mogan and Lake Eymir positively, and after so many years, a great deal of water was released from the Lake Mogan with the opening of the regulator caps to Lake Eymir - this is the only way around Lake Mogan. The recreation area was also protected from flooding, and underwater and above-water life could be enriched in Lake Eymir.

Due to the unplanned and unhealthy growth of Ankara after the 1950s and especially in the 1980s, the city has grown to four sides, and there has been no unhealthy development in this direction thanks to the METU area in the southwest. However, in 1994 İ. Melih Gokcek has been striving to connect Eymir Lake from METU to its municipality since its inception. The great land area is known for its policies supporting unjustified and unregistered rent from land. The METU community (along with all of its graduates), numerous Turkish non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and conscious Turkish citizens who are aware of the efforts of Melih Gökçek to take over the Eymir Lake and attempt to open up the whole area in this area are struggling against these efforts. they are still struggling with the protection of this lake and its surroundings from the efforts to open this reconstruction, and to stand in the way of environmentalist insensitive politicians and land renters causing a new environmental disaster (as of 10 July 2012).

The future of Eymir Lake, which is not yet opened to construction in Ankara and which is the most recent valley still alive and the future of Imrahor Valley where the Imrahor Valley flows through the Eymir Lake exit and other streams, depends on the future of Lake Eymir.

There is a water pumping station at the east gate of Lake Eymir; water is pumped from the underground wells and water is supplied to the entire Middle East Technical University campus via an underground drainage line. Prevention of environmental pollution due to development and construction is also of great importance in this respect.


Sport Activities

In the Eymir Lake, activities such as rowing and water sports, fishing (with fishing rod) and picnics can be made, even if less than before.

Founded in 1962, the main working center of the METU Sports Club Rowing Team is Eymir Lake and its boathouse. METU Rowing Team performs all of its antennae (except July and August in general) and organizes rowing courses for everyone, whether or not they are METU members. METU Rowing team participated in the rowing championships, which were attended by major sports clubs such as Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, and they were the champions in 1993 in Büyükler-A category. Studies are still continuing with men and women athletes in Seniors-B, Teenagers and Light Weight categories.


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