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          "Konak" is not only a district or neighborhood name in Izmir, but has been the center of the city for the past two centuries. For this reason we can call Konak Square and its surroundings as "The Heart of İzmir". The most important structure of the square and its surrounding area is undoubtedly the Izmir Government House. The mansion is also a semtler and a business that has reached many places that have reached daily or especially memorable past including the Clock Tower, City Hall, Ferry Pier, Yalı Mosque, Ankara Palas, Anafartalar Caddesi Entrance, Military Corner House, National Library and especially Yellow Barracks. it has become the center of İzmir by maintaining its central density and being the last point reaching / reaching almost all of İzmir and being the first point to reach all of İzmir for many years. In another city as big as İzmir, it is very difficult to find another example where almost all the concentration is piled up in a single area like Konak.


          In addition to all these, it is once again admired that the sea is located directly under the sea, and even connected to the sea by a beautiful connection. Only for you, 'I wish there was a tree shadow,' you are sighing. Despite all this, however, the sky and the blue sea dance of the sea is even followed to see the Konak Square. Konak is the main entrance and exit gate of Kemeraltı and its surroundings, the number one commercial center of Izmir until recently. Konak Square is the starting point for all city transportation vehicles.


          The two most important days in Konak Square's history are May 15th and September 9th. The "Occupation", which was the biggest nightmare of İzmir in history and which started on September 15, 1919, when Greek troops stepped on Kordon and walked to Konak Square and first seized the Government Mansion and Barracks. On September 9, 1922, It ends in the Konak Square with the Flag and the Government House.


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