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        Kibyra (Cibyra Magna); It is an ancient Lycian city located on the hills of Gölhisar plain on the skirts of the Akdağ mass, in the west of Gölhisar district, 110 km away from Burdur.


The city has an average elevation of 1100dan1300 m, and has water resources from the Böğrüdelik and Deliyaraz Highlands along with the Dalaman (Indus) Stream which passes across the Gölhisar Lake and the plain from the top.

The region where agriculture and animal husbandry developed, also has a wide forest cover on the mountains surrounding the plain. Kibyra It is the center of the Kibyratis region with Kabalis and its later nomenclature. This region, surrounded by Phrygia in the north, Caria and Lycia in the west and Pisidia in the east, is an intersection linking the ports in the south to the present day from the ancient period to the present day.


The name Kibyra is not first of all Helence. Luvi is one of the oldest peoples of Anatolia. The traveler of Amasya says in the records of Strabon that the Kibyanis are from Lydia. Kibyra city center is located on three heights, separated by small halves. The hillys are conglomerate-based, in which small pebbles merge together over time, and are therefore partially eroded. It is seen that public, civil and religious structures are organized in such a way as to form a certain integrity on this area. The political and economic power of the city, which has an area of ​​approximately 405 hectares, reached its peak with the Roman Imperial Period starting from the Hellenistic Period. Today, the major part is standing, the Stadion, the Theater and the Assembly Building, Agora are important public buildings.

According to ancient sources; During the Persian sovereignty, King Dareios, Lydia, Lasonia and Hytenneia together with the five hundred talents of silver is responsible for the tax of Sardis is connected to the Satraplı. During Xerxes' Hellenic Expedition, we learn that the Kabais, who were living in Maionia and called Lasonian, were equipped as Cilician people and that the Lydian people used to be called Maionis and then forgot their old names. In Strabon; He said that the Kibyra people were descendants of the Lydian people and that after they came to the Kabalis area and settled there and settled in the Pisidia, they moved the city to another place with about one hundred stadion.

Ancient sources; After Rome's Magnesia Victory in 189 BC, the Roman campaign of Manlius Vulso against the Galatians who helped Antiochus, returned to a kind of tribute campaign, a group of 4000 infantry and 300 cavalry under the command of C. Helvius Kibyra. speaks of sending the region to the region to understand whether to bend. Rome wants 500 talents from Kibyra tyran, but the cities of Aluku and Sylleum under the control of Moagetes can give 25 talents because of the bad situation. However, C. Helvius is forced to give 100 talents and 10.000 medimni wheat as a result of the threat and bargaining. The names and assets of the cities of Alimme and Sylleum are suspected. It is clear that Tetrapolis was not at that time. It is thought that it was established at an unclear date towards the end of the second century. In Tetrapolis, consisting of the cities of Bubon, Balbura and Oineanda, Kibyra had two votes and the others had one vote. Because Kibyra could climb 30,000 infantry at 2000 horses. This place was always managed by tyran. However, Murena, who was the tyrant of Sulla in 84 BC, ended the reign of Moibetes II. It was included in Kibyra Asia Province with the binding of Bubon and Balbura to Lycia. Although Strabon did not mention Oineanda, this city should be connected to Lycia, like the others, because it was in the empire of Lycia.

From Augustus, the Province was divided into nine Conventus (jurisdiction or religious centers) for better governance of the provinces in Asia. Kibyra Conventus, the capital city of the capital city of Laodicea and the judicial center of the twenty-five cities, is considered to be the largest in Asia. Some important cities that are included in the Kibyra Conventus; Laodikeia, Hydrelitae, Themisones, Hierapolitae, Keretapa, Takina, Erizeni, Phylakaion, Kolossai, Mossyna, Attaudda, Kidramos, Adada, Sebastopolis.

The city, which is an important part of the Province of Asia, is a part of M.S. Although it was destroyed by a major earthquake in 23, the Emperor was rebuilt by the help of Tiberius, and the city changed its name to Caisia ​​Cibyra to express gratitude to the emperor. When Lycia became a Roman province in 43 BC, the city, which was previously on the borders of Asia Province, became a part of the Lycian Province.

Strabo; He states that the Kibyra people use four languages: Pisidia, Solym, Hellen and Lydia, and that they are masters of iron work and marquetry. As a result of epigraphic and archaeological researches, it was understood that it was an important center in the production of leather and ceramics.


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