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Among the covered bazaars built during the Ottoman period, the building which is considered to be the largest covered bazaar after Istanbul is estimated to have been built in the 15th century. The only inscription in the structure, which has many bazaars with different names, is located in the bazaar, which was built by Hacı Efendi in 1844 and named after it. As a result of the fire in 1870, almost all the bazaar was rebuilt with stone materials by the efforts of Osman Pasha from Maraş. The building is referred to as the kâ magnificent masonry bazaar kapsayan in the 1907 Ankara Declaration, which includes more than two thousand shops and stores.

The Kayseri Grand Bazaar, built on 24 acres of land, was built as an open top during the Seljuk period. The bazaar was built on 24 acres. According to the occupations made in the bazaar named 910 shops in the bazaar from food to clothing, dowry to kitchen goods are sold many products are sold.Eski hand-woven carpets and rugs are offered for sale and repairs are among the frequented points of foreign tourists.

It was built by the Seljuks in the 12th century. Kayseri is on the Silk Road and is a stopover point for caravans because it is at the crossing point. We have a lady named Vezirhan in our bazaar. This inn is a place where caravans stop, trade and trade. The horses of the caravan owners are rested and cared for in this inn. After the Seljuks, additions were made during the Ottoman period. We know that architecture was a stone structure in the Seljuks, and there were paints, plaster and paintings in the Ottoman Empire. The central bazaar is suitable for Seljuk architecture, Hacı Efendi and Urgancılar Bazaar are in Ottoman architecture. In the 1870s, the bazaar had a big fire, the shops were wooden and open. The bazaar was heavily damaged. Then the bazaar was renovated. Streets were named according to occupational groups at that time, such as Gazezler Street, Urgancılar Street, Katrancılar Street ...

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