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Kahramanmaras Castle is located on the masonry hill in Kahramanmaras city center. It is believed that the castle, which has undergone many repairs until today, was built between the 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD. It measures 150x75 meters and has a rectangular plan. The General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums repaired some of the walls and three signs. One of them is the old entrance structure of the castle.

The outer walls of the square bushing are cut stone and the inner walls are rubble. The interior door corridor and door jambs were repaired on more than half of the demolished interior walls. On the south side of the sign is a double-winged door with pointed arches. The wooden door wings are covered with thick hair and riveted with large-headed nails. The east of the sign is perforated. The inner cruciform bush opens to the castle with another gate on the long arm of the cross. The inner walls of the castle are arranged as parks. There are outdoor tea gardens, a playground and recreation areas. On the left side of the entrance there is a giant Atatürk shape and at night the lights turn on and the whole city sees it. There is also a playground. On the sides of the roads are old pictures of the city.

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