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          Clock Tower, which is located in Konak Square and is the symbol of Izmir, was built in 1901 in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ottoman Sultan Sultan Abdulhamit's throne; İzmir Governor Kamil Pasha, Bahriye Mirlivasi Said Pasha and Municipality Rebellion Eşref Pasha. This structure is 25 meters high, has four floors and octagonal plan.


          Column headings, horse arches and façades of the North Africa used for the construction are filled in with no space left, pointing to an Orientalist style, an architectural understanding that can be found in structures in North Africa and Andalusia.


          The clock was worn by the German Emperor Wilhelm II. The green and red mosaics used in the construction of the Clock Tower, the architecture of which was built by the French architect Raymond Charles Péré, were brought from Ephesus and the stones forming the main building were brought from Sarayköy. The Clock Tower with Somaki marble columns was damaged in severe earthquakes that took place in 1928 and 1974. Saatin is said to have stopped only once since the year it was founded. It is said that the clock stopped in 1974 as a result of the earthquake that broke out in İzmir. Therefore, it is known that the historical clock stops at the time of the epidemic. After two years after the depression, the tower was repaired. After the repair, the clock has been restarted. The Clock Tower is made out of baklava slices and 4 of 75 cm. around the clock.


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