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          The Istanbul Aquarium project was started to be built on a plot of land of 100 acres adjacent to the Atatürk Deniz Köşkü on the Florya coast. The total size of the project area is calculated as 22 thousand square meters. There are 64 water tanks with a capacity of 6,800 cubic meters of water intake in the structure consisting of two cattles. There are 16 different themes applied to the aquarium taking into consideration a geographical route. In addition, there is an artificial rainforest decor in the aquarium complex. In addition to sea creatures, reptiles and rodents specific to tropical regions will also be featured here. Each applied theme will be decorated with geographical, historical, cultural and visual artifacts reflecting that region; movie screenings, games and graphics. The themed sections to be included in the aquarium are:

Black Sea
Suez Canal
Red Sea
Global warming
Straits of Gibraltar
East Atlantic (sunken ship)
Mid Atlantic
West Atlantic
Panama Canal
Nautilus (submarine)
Rain forest

          The aquarium complex also includes a science center, activity areas, children's entertainment areas, movie theaters, cafeterias, buffets, restaurants and shops. The visit is scheduled to take 5-6 hours of average stay time. It is predicted that the annual number of visitors will be 2.5 million people from domestic and abroad. It is stated that on the publicity trips that are made, there will be a total of 15 thousand living things in the facility, from 1,500 different species. Most of these, along with creating marine life to be exhibited in water tanks, The theme of the rain forest is poisonous frogs, crocodiles, giant rodents and snakes. Within the aquarium complex is a 6,000 square meter exhibition area devoted to visitors; A 1,2 km trip route and a parking lot of 35 thousand square meters with a capacity of 1,200 vehicles.


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