Ilgaz Ski Yıldıztepe Map And Location

Information About Ilgaz Ski Yıldıztepe


Located in the Çankırı Ilgaz Kadınçayırı Yıldıztepe Culture and Tourism Conservation and Development Area, the ski center has the second best cross-country skiing track in Europe and is registered by the International Ski Federation.

It is a figure where all Olympic winter sports can be done. Kastamonu airport is 45 km away. Some facilities are available in Ilgaz, high altitude ski competitions are disadvantageous, and the altitude limit is reduced to 1650 meters for young athletes, which makes it very privileged that Yıldıztepe has the only ski track registered by the International Ski Federation in Turkey with an altitude of 1500 meters.

The Yıldıztepe ski resort is only 2 km from the Ilgaz Mountain tunnel and is accessible without climbing. All ski areas have 3 months of skiing at low altitude.

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