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          The historical elevator in Karataş district of Izmir is one of the most admired historical points of the city. The elevator, which is usually used for stairs in buildings, is used to shorten the distance between the two districts in İzmir Konak. The 155-step ladder between these two neighborhoods, with a height difference of 58 meters, leaves its place in the elevator in 1907.


          Historical elevators in the list of historical places to visit in Izmir are being built by Nissim Levy, an Izmir Jewish businessman, in order to shorten the road between Mithatpaşa Street and Halil Rifatpaşa Street. This historical heritage of İzmir connects two long streets from one century to the next.


          When looking at the immediate surroundings of the building, the historical tower is approached by going from Mithatpaşa Street where the past elevator texture is tried to be kept alive with historical residence examples and animated images remaining singular among the eight-story reinforced concrete set.


          At the entrance of the street, in the west, there is a corner-shaped house with basement and two-storey apartment building with a corner emphasis, and a basement with two floors and a loft that is later expanded. Wrought iron doors, wooden balconies, iron window wings, geometric and floral motifs are perceived as striking facade items in single and double storeyed houses along the street, some of them with basement. In addition to the original items, the presence of the changed ones is also striking. 305 and the ruined building on the eastern corner of Dario Moreno Street have been screened with engravings and photographs that reflect Izmir in the historical process.


          The elevator is currently being used by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. This historical monument is used not only as a place for entertainment but also as a resting place and cultural place. It is absolutely necessary to monitor the sunset of those who come to İzmir from this elevator. You can enjoy pleasant hours by watching the city bird's eye view. After seeing this beauty, you will not want to leave the historic area.


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