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         Behind the castle, which was destroyed in 1872, is located in Hisarönü, on the present day Kemeraltı bazaar. Some sources for this structure are said to have been built by Aydınoğlu Özdemiroğlu (Molla) Yakup Bey in 1597-1598 in some of the sources from which the church was converted. These sources also mention that this structure, transformed from the Latin Church, was destroyed by Timur in 1402. It is the biggest and glamorous mosque of Izmir. It is made up of a central dome and an enclosed harim space (the actual place of worship) with a small dome around it and a dome of the last congregation. The renovated minaret and the mosque are typical of the classical Ottoman mosques. The work of the pen in the mosque, the panels displaying the delicacy of calligraphy and the mihrab - mimbar workmanship are the best examples of Turkish art taste. The mosque was repaired in 1813, 1881, 1927 and 1980 years

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