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          According to the inscription of this building consisting of madrasah and tomb, the date of construction is 1381- 1382. The maid was Sultan Hatun (Nefise Hatun), the wife of Murat Hüdavendigar's daughter Karamanoğlu Alaeddin Ali Bey. According to the inscription in the upper left corner of the entrance door of the madrasa, the architect of the work is Numanoğlu Hoca Ahmed. The entrance door of the building is made of corrugated sky marble with large jambs. Water from the courtyard of the madrasa. The crown gate is an example of a masterpiece from the architecture of the Karamanoğulları era. It is not only these architectural building features that make the Hatuniye Madrasa important, but also the use of many herbal and geometric motifs consisting of rumi and palmettes in stone ornaments that are applied extensively in interior and exterior spaces. It is also known as the ’Hungarian School Macar among the public because it is taught by a person named Macar Hoca in the madrasa which was used until the proclamation of the Republic. However, today this structure is known as ”Hatuniye Lokantası“. There is a mausoleum of Nefise Sultan in the domed section on the left of the madrasa. The madrasa is a type of medrese plan with a closed courtyard and a single-iwan. Made of cut stone. It has an extremely beautiful crafting. The entrance portal is made of white marble with stalactite and is decorated with geometric decorated textures and herbal decors. There are two columns on the right and left side of the entrance, two pillars on the wall, two niches in the interior, and a bird figure in the middle of the portal that opened its wings between the stalactites. This bird figure was not original, but was replicated in a similar way. The entrance to the madrasa is purple and white marbles alternating with flattened arches. There is a pool in the middle with a pool in the middle and four in each side, and in front of the entrance there is a section connected by two round and oval arches and covered with a dome. The columns were brought from an ancient structure.


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