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Gülhane Park is a historical park in Eminönü district of Fatih district of Istanbul. Alay Mansion, Topkapi Palace and Sarayburnu.

          Gülhane Park was the outer garden of the Topkapi Palace during the Ottoman Empire and contained rose gardens. Tanzimat Fermanı was read in the Gülhane Park during the reign of Abdülmecit on November 3, 1839 and is therefore called Gülhane Hatt-ı Hümayunu.


            It was parked in 1912 and opened to the public. The total area is 163 acres. To the right of the entrance to the park there are bureaus of Istanbul city and mayors. In the middle of the park there are two wooden roads. To the right and left of this road are resting places, children's garden. In addition, there is the Goths Column in the park, dating from the Asiatic Veysel sculpture and the Romans.

          Sarayburnu Park part was formerly connected to the main park by a bridge over the Sirkeci railway line. This part later left the park with the beach (1958). At the Sarayburnu section, there is the first statue (October 3, 1926) of Ataturk erected after the Republic. Ataturk, the first time in the park, the latin letters were shown on September 1, 1928. While Atatürk's body was being sent to Ankara, the last ceremony in Istanbul was held on November 19, 1938 in Sarayburnu section of Gülhane Park.


         Nazım Hikmet is scheduled to meet his lover under a walnut tree in Gülhane park. On the day they meet, they go to the gardens park and start to wait under the walnut tree, at which time the cops also went there. At that time Nazım Hikmet had to be hidden from the police because he was on the list of wanted people and this walnut comes out to the tree. The Nazim Hikmet is the only lover in the top of the tree. The Piraye comes and begins to wait under the walnut tree unaware of everything. He can not call down because of the cops, and is helpless, pen on the top of the paper walnut tree;

Nazım Hikmet Walnut Tree Poetry

my head foaming clouds, sea inside me and out 
I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park 
an old walnut, knot by knot, shred by shred 
Neither you are aware of this, nor the police 

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park 
My leaves are nimble, nimble like fish in water 
My leaves are sheer, sheer like a silk handkerchief 
pick, wipe, my rose, the tear from your eyes 
My leaves are my hands, I have one hundred thousand 
I touch you with one hundred thousand hands, I touch Istanbul 
My leaves are my eyes, I look in amazement 
I watch you with one hundred thousand eyes, I watch Istanbul 
Like one hundred thousand hearts, beat, beat my leaves 

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park 
neither you are aware of this, nor the police


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