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         Big Clock, the clock tower is long and length is 32 meters in Turkey. The clock tower is located in the Seyhan district of Adana.


The construction of the Great Clock began with Ziya Pasha and was completed in 1882 (in the time of Abidin Pasha). The Great Hour has been seen as a symbol of modernization in history. Mayor Hacı Yunus also made a significant contribution to the construction. Since then, it is known as one of the most important places of Adana. Restoration work started in 2013 and the restoration was completed in 2014

Architectural Style

The tower with a length of 32 meters is in the form of a square prism and the walls of the tower are built with bricks. Base depth is said to be 35 meters. During the construction of the tower, there were clock towers in the Ottoman Empire. Among these clock towers, the longest is the Great Hour. The second is the Dolmabahce Clock Tower.


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