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          Ramazanogullari Mosque or Grand Mosque of Adana is a historical mosque from the 16th century in Adana. The mosque, which is the masterpiece of the Ramazanogullari Principality, is one of the most important historical buildings of the city. Until the opening of the Sabancı Center Mosque in 1998, it remained the largest mosque in Adana.

It was started by Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey in 1509; Upon the death of Halil Bey, his son Piri Mehmet Pasha completed it in 1541. The two sons of Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey and Piri Mehmet Pasha and Mehmet Pasha were in the tomb of 1541 in the southeast of the mosque.

The architecture of the mosque carries the Seljuk and Mamluk styles. The walls are decorated with black and white marble stones. There is a door in the west and east. On the west gate there is a dome and an inscription with two reliefs of snakes. There is an inscription on the east gate and on the pulpit. The 16th century tiles are famous.

The madrasa is part of the Ramazanoğlu Kulliye, which includes structures such as shrine, imaret, narrow hadith, narrow healing, primary school. Other parts of the complex that have survived to the present day; The madrasa, the tomb and the Ramazanoğulları are the Saray Selamlığı (Tuz Hanı). The mosque, which was damaged during the 1998 Adana-Ceyhan Earthquake, was repaired in 1998-2004 and opened for worship.


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