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        Göksu Park, one of the major parks in Ankara, is built on the former Susuz pond in Eryaman. The park was opened in June 2003. Total usage area is 508.000 m². 127.189 m² of this area consists of a pond. Apart from restaurants, cafes, leisure and picnic areas, there are amusement parks and walking and jogging paths. There are 9 floating piers that can be caught in 127,189 m² pond, 1,6 km in 250,200 m² green area. wooden walkway and 473 barbecue in the 13,000 m² picnic area. Thanks to the recent development of the city, the city center is intertwined. It has become easier to reach the Batıkent-Sincan metro line, which was completed on February 12, 2014.



Goksu Park is 25 km from Kizilay. By car, you can reach Eryaman from Istanbul by public transport, Eryaman-Sıhhiye and Erbil 541 Eryaman-Ümitköy Metro buses and Ulus-Eryaman minibuses. In addition, with the OSB-Törekent-Kızılay subway, Eryaman 1-2. stop.


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