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          The Girls Castle, which is the important tourism center of Erdemli, is 23 km from Erdemli and 60 km from Mersin. Its historical name is Korykos. Until the year 1992, while the village in the same year, the town has been taken and has been a municipality.

 The Girls Castle is an important settlement area which has been dominated by Seleucids, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Armenians, French (Cyprus), Karamans and Ottomans. The first excavations made here the first settlement BC. It shows that it belongs to the 4th century. Famous historian Herodotus wrote that a Cypriot prince, called Georges, founded the city. After the Roman rule in 72, the girl's castle, 450 years remained under Roman rule. In this period, olive oil has shown a great improvement and has become an export center of olive oil. During the Byzantine period, the city was surrounded by walls. Later on, the Seljuks and Cilicia were captured by the Armenian Kingdom. The Kizkalesi, which was sold by the Armenians to the Kingdom of Cyprus due to the increasing Karamanoglu attacks in the 14th century, was taken over by Karamanoglu Ibrahim Bey in 1448 and was rebuilt. The Kizkalesi, which was captured by the Ottomans in 1471, began to lose its importance in this period. Cem Sultan stayed there for a while in 1482, before boarding the ships of the Knights of Rhodes.

Historical structure  The Girls Castle named after the castle in the ruins, castles, churches, cisterns, aqueducts, rock tombs, sarcophagi, stone-paved roads are encountered. The castle built on a small islet 500 meters off the coast is called the Kızkalesi. The Kizkalesi, which was restored in recent years, was preserved with eight towers. The outer circumference of the castle is 192 meters.

There are 4-5 churches from ancient times. In addition to the water wells and cisterns, the waters brought by the aqueducts from the Lemas Stream meet the water needs of the Kızkalesi. The stone paved Sacred Road leading to the great church, the tallest of the sarcophagi lined up along the road are astonishing.

There are human reliefs called Adamkayalar carved into the rocky hillside of the valley 10 km north of Kizkalesi. The figures in the reliefs representing the rulers and nobles of the period, some in the hands of the bunch of grapes, some are lying on the sofa. Adamkayalar, which consists of a total of 13 paintings from the Roman period, dominates the Şeytanderesi.

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