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          It is a great temple built on behalf of the Emperor Domitian in the 1st century AD. It is the first temple dedicated to a Roman emperor in Ephesus, sitting on a terrace measuring 50x100 meters. Having an emperor's temple, taking on the duty of guarding it, is a very honorable privilege among the cities. This right was granted to Ephesus for the first time by the Emperor Domitian (M.S.81-96). However, after his death many of the statues of Domitian were destroyed and destroyed because of his mismanagement and misfortune. There was a "U" shaped altar in front of the temple. Parts belonging to the Domitian sculpture, which has a very large scale compared to the normal human metrics found here, are exhibited in the Efes Museum. The galleries under the temple are used as gallery and warehouse of Ephesus inscriptions.