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          The Cleopatra's Gate is named after the Queen of Egypt VII. A city gate in Tarsus, Mersin, from Cleopatra. Cleopatra Gate is at the entrance of Tarsus. The city walls built during the Byzantine Period were the Mountain Gate, the Adana Gate and the Sea Gate. In his Travel Book, Evliya Çelebi described Tarsus as the port door for this gate. Khorasan mortar was used in the construction of the gate. The edge of the door is horseshoe and height from the ground is 6.17 m. the depth is 6.18 m. d. Tarsus's three-door walls, which were very strong until the end of the 18th century, were demolished in 1835 by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt and remained the only arched sea gate on two legs.

When they came to meet with the Roman general Antonius in Tarsus, the lover of Egypt's famous queen Cleopatra, they were greeted with a big ceremony in the harbor of that time and were said to have come to the city from the Sea Gate. Therefore, the Sea Gate is also called Cleopatra Gate.


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