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Historical bridge from the Phrygian period in the Karahalli district of Uşak. The bridge was built on the Banaz Stream approximately 2500 years ago. The two ends of the bridge rest on the half waist of the mountain rocks. It is 24 meters long, 17 meters deep and 1.75 meters wide. The faces of the stones were engraved with pencils and the large stones of the arches were mortified and interlocked. The belt is in the form of a pulley.

The bridge was built on a fixed rock composed of two main bodies called elephant legs. There is no trace of the purpose for which it was made. However, due to the play of one of the keystones, it has been repaired with concrete and lost its originality in recent years.

Next to the bridge is the Karahalli Power Plant. The water discharged from the plant is poured from a height of 17 meters from the side of the bridge by a concrete channel.

Clandras Bridge and the surrounding area is an important promenade for the region.

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