Yozgat Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Yozgat Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Yozgat is located in Turkey's Central Anatolia province. Çekerek, Aydıncık and Kadışehri districts remain in the Black Sea Region.

The actual name of the province is "Bozok" and its name was changed to "Yozgat" in 1927. Oghuzes; Together with the influx of Turkmens belonging to the Boz Bozok kol branch, the region was named as ok Bozok.. In the 1800s, the name "Yozgat" was pronounced.

Regarding the origin of the name "Yozgat", various rumors are made. According to a rumor, Yozgat Saray village (as of today the town) is rising from the bottom upwards. Because of this rise and altitude, it was called as "one hundred times" and in time it became "Yozgat".

According to another rumor; Omar Cabbar Agha, the chief of the tribe, was choking. That's why they called him Chopur or Capar Husband. Rumor has it that Cabbar Agha grazes his flocks on the summer pasture on a summer day, and Khidr comes across and demands milk from the sheep owner, Cabbar Agha. The friendly Omer Aga serves the milk with the heartfelt pleasure, without failing to offer the guest immediately. Khidr is very satisfied after drinking the milk and Cabbar Aga'ya "Cobanoglu, yozuna to join the bait, get the name of his hometown Yoz-Kant," he says. He disappears saying that. Yoz-Kant, whose foundation is like this, becomes Yozgat.

Although there is no satisfactory information about the origin of the name, it is known that this region has been referred to for many years.

In the second period, the name of Yozgat was changed to Bozok by a commentary given by Cemil Bey of Kütahya Deparment. How the name Yozgat has evolved from Bozok, is understandable, does not carry a scientific.

Yozgat province today and the neighboring regions of the name of the Ottoman Turks era. It was a place where pre-Ottoman Kara Tatar Turks and a few Mongolian communities lived. After the Ankara War, the Turkestan ruler Timur moved the Turkish and Mongolian communities to Central Asia. At the beginning of the 15th century Boz-Ok Turkmens settled in this country under the name of Dulkadirli Turkmens.

    Geduk: Kara-Yahyalu, Delü-Alilü, Agcalu (the most important obas: Hacilar), Agca-Koyunlu (from Dulkadirli), Damascus BAyadi (from Dulkadirli)
    Kara-Taş: Ali Beğlü, Ağçalu, Tecirlü (from Dulkadırlı), Kızıl-Kocalu (one of the main tribes: Ali Şarlu).
    Ak-Dag: Karalu, Kirklu, Hisar-Beglu, Kizil-Kocalu, Sevgülen (the largest tribe: Saru-Halillu).
    Strangling: Flowering, Kulağuzlu.
    Province-Su: Tatar Turks, Arslan-Beğlü, Ağçalu.
    Question: Zakirlu, Kizil-Kocalu.

Many of the tribes that were not mentioned were from Dulkadirli. A historical settlement named Bozok was found in Kazakhstan. Archaeological excavations yielded many objects from the old settlement here.

Excavations carried out in the Alisar Mound in the region, which is thought to be one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, were found in 3000 BC. It is known that the Hittites were one of the settlements.

Yozgat region was dominated by many civilizations.

Domination of Phrygians BC
In the early 7th century BC the Cimmerians
The Lydian Kingdom and Persians in the 6th century BC
Macedonians in the 4th century BC,
The domination of the southern part of the kingdom of Cappadocia at the beginning of the 3rd century BC,
At the beginning of the 2nd century BC, it became a part of Galatia where the Celtic tribes Galatians settled.
It was under the protection of Rome in 85 BC.
After Christ
When the Roman Empire was divided into two in 395 AD, Anatolia was dominated by the Eastern Roman Empire. From time to time the Sassanids invaded the region but failed to dominate.

When Timur left Anatolia, the region began to suffer and in 1408 it was connected to the Ottoman Empire by Çelebi Mehmet. During the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim, the rebellion, known as Celali Rebellions, was taken under control by a Turkmen named Celal in and around Yozgat. During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent in 1526, some population changes were made in the region and Mamalu Turkmen tribes belonging to Bozulus tribe of Aleppo Turkmen were settled in the region.

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