Batman Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Batman Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Batman and its ancient city Hasankeyf, which preserves the rich historical past in the lands where the Tigris flows; It is a wonder of nature with its more than three thousand caves, historical medieval bridge, old bazaar, mosque minarets and historical monuments. World famous art historian Tahsin Acet is from Batman. living very rapid growth until 1990, Batman, 16 May, 1990, and 3647 Law No. Bashir Kozluk and Sason district of Siirt, Hasankeyf and Gercüş by connecting the center received from Mardin gained Turkey's 72 field titles that province.


Although Batman is a new city in history, the history of the cities established in the settlement area dates back to the Sumerians. It is thought that there is a Sumerian settlement in the area where the Iluh Hill is located, but the city migrates to the ground over time because it is built on a marsh land. Also, the so-called Iluh Hill has proved to be an artificial hill. It is thought that Batman might have taken his name from the term "sink" for this reason. In 1940 oil was found around Batman.

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