Adıyaman Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places

Adıyaman Tourist Map With Attractions Visiting Places


The old name of the settlement is Hısnımansûr (Mansur's fortress) and took its present name during the Republican period. The name is thought to have come from Mansoor bin Ca'vene, one of the Umayyad commanders who came here in the 7th century. According to another rumor, this name comes from the name of the Abbasid Caliph Mansur.


The history of the settlement in the region, which has been known as Hısnımansûr for many years, dates back to ancient times. Hittite, Hurri, Mitanni, Kummuh, Assyrian, Persian, Seleucid, Commagene Kingdom and Roman and Byzantine domination were seen in the region throughout history. From the 7th century onwards, Islamic raids began to be seen in the region. Mansoor bin Ca'vene, one of the Umayyad commanders, built the castle today. Hısnımansûr, which came under the rule of Abbasid in 758, passed back to Byzantine rule after Hamdaniler period between 926-958. The settlement, which was subjected to Turkish raids in the 11th century, was taken for the first time by Seljuk Commander Gümüştekin in 1066. Artuklu, Eyyubi and Seljuk, Ilhanli, Akkoyunlu, Dulkadiroğulları and Mameluke rule in 1515 after the Ottoman rule was passed.

In 1519, under the rule of the Ottoman province of Marash province, the settlement, the province of Elbistan in 1531, was brought into an accident. In 1519, in the first settlement of the settlement, there were around 1000 Muslim population and around 400 non-Muslim population in the settlement. In 1563, Hısnımansûr was attached to Maraş again and stayed in this position for many years. After the Tanzimat arrangement, the settlement was an accident in 1841, and in 1849 it became a starboard of the Diyarbekir province. It was connected to the Sanjak of Malatya in 1859 and Mamuretul Aziz province in 1883. During the Republican period, Hısnımansûr remained the district of Malatya from 1923 to 1954. With the establishment of Adıyaman on June 22, 1954, it became the central district.

A large part of Atatürk Dam is located within the borders of Adıyaman province.

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