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         Burdur Museum, Burdur city center, more than 57 thousand archaeoological and ethnographic works are exhibited in the museum. It was opened to visitors in 1969. Bulguroglu (Pirkulzade) in the library building and this historical building with the same architectural appearance of the new additional buildings are serving. She is a candidate to become the Museum of the Year in Europe in 2008


          20 thousand of the works in the Burdur Museum are archeology, 34 thousand are Persian, classical, Helen, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman coins and 4,000 are soon ethnographic works. The artifacts were collected as a result of the donation of the people of Burdur or selling them for a fee.

The statue of Dionysus is one of the most important works exhibited in the Burdur Museum. It was accepted by art historians and archaeologists that the statues of Dionysus (wine god) on both sides of the fountain at the antic period were on the left side of the fountain at the Burdur Museum. The sculpture is located in the ancient city of Sagalassos within the boundaries of Ağlasun district. Dr. Marc Waelkens' side was unearthed during the excavations carried out since 1989. Dances of Dancing Girls in the ancient city of Aglasun, Sagalassos, Bronze torso, which is estimated to belong to the Roman Emperor Valerianus (the head of this torso in Poul Getty Museum in America is estimated to be in a collector in Denmark) is one of the works that can be seen in Burdur Museum .


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