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Blaundus (Blaundos), ancient city founded during the Macedonian Kingdom. It is located within the border of Sülümenli village about 40 km south of Uşak.

The ancient city, founded by the Macedonians in 334 BC, is located in the Lydian region near the Phrygian border. The settlement, which was a military city during the Pergamon Kingdom, maintained its strategic position in the Roman and Byzantine periods. The city's name was Blaundus, and in 1845 W.J. It was understood by Hamilton that he had found the inscription from Ulubey and had written "Blaundeon Makedonan (Macedonian Blaundus)" in the inscription. After the death of Alexander the Great, the kingdom was divided among the generals and the region passed under the rule of Antigonos Monophtalmos. Blaundus, the border city of Pergamon Kingdom, came under the control of Roman Empire in 189 BC. Maintaining its importance during this period, the city was connected to the center of the diocese of Sebaste in the 5th century AD. The symbol of the city is the double horse. Recent records of the settlement date back to the 12th century.

The city is built on a peninsula on a flat cape, surrounded by deep and steep valleys on three sides. Since the center of the city was surrounded by valleys on three sides, the entrance to the city was provided through the gate with towers to the north. The entrance gate is made of two large towers and the towers have been demolished to the arched upper structure of the entrance. Outside the walls, a small part of the seating rows have survived from the theater building built on the hillside. There is a temple built in Ionic style and buildings of various sizes in the city. The necropolis area to the north of the city and the rock tombs to the east of the valley are located. There are 14 arches in the city, all of which have survived.

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