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          Lake Bafa (also known as Çamiçi Lake, formerly Vafi Sea), is the largest lake in the Aegean Region. Lake Bafa is a shallow freshwater lake that is lodged in the Menteşe Mountains in the southeastern part of the Büyük Menderes River delta. Lake Bafa has a surface area of ​​approximately 60 km² and its height is 2 meters above sea level, its deepest part is 21 meters, long axis is 16 km and the widest part is 6 km. It is located in Aydın and Muğla. In the ancient times, the lake, which is a part of the Aegean Sea, has remained within miles of the coast, along with alluviums carried by Büyük Menderes. It is approximately 17 km away from the area where the Büyük Menderes River flows into the Aegean Sea.

Büyük Menderes used to be pouring into the sea in the Gulf of Latmos. The historic Herakleia or Herakleia Latmos, with its ruins on the shores of the lake today, was located on the eastern shore of this bay. With the accumulation of alluvium carried by the river, Latmos Bay has become the salty lake. When the level increased with the excess water collected behind the natural set, it expanded the area by covering the shallow Sheep Sheep in the north. He dripped his excess water into the Büyük Menderes River with a gideir at its western end, slowly turning into a fresh water lake. Until 1978, the lake was the property of a family and was transferred to the treasury.

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