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          Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo, west of Ankara in 1925, on land purchased from the piecemeal and different individuals by Gazi Mustafa Kemal established by his instruction and farms, which led the Turkish agricultural (farm buying records Ataturk's Turkey numbered 00000002 at İşbank account details are available). The farm was donated by the Atatürk to the treasury in 1937 and continues its activities as a legal entity under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In 1992, it was registered as a 1st degree historical and natural site. The biggest green area in Ankara is the farmland with the largest zoo in the country, a house similar to the house in Thessaloniki where Atatürk was born, historical Black Sea Pool and State Cemetery.


          Prior to the War of Independence, the Forest Farm land owned by Hacı Ziya Bey, who was the Mayor of Ankara, was expropriated after the foundation of the Republic and was presented to Mustafa Kemal Pasha. The successful works carried out under the direction of Mustafa Kemal Pasha on 52,000 decares of the area were covered with swamps and reeds. He was an example and guide for farmers in the fields of cultivation, horticulture, viticulture and livestock. Industrial facilities were also established within the farm in line with agriculture and livestock activities. Mustafa Kemal's desire to establish a farm in Ankara, which was established in the middle of the steppes of the new capital Ankara for the people of nature and the desire to create a social living space is important. The first name of the “Forest Farm ında was donated to the Treasury by Atatürk in 1937. The ’State Agricultural Enterprises Authority yönetil was established with the law that entered into force on 13 January 1938 to manage the farm. The brewery in the farm was transferred to the Directorate for Monopolies during this period. The Forest Farm was named ün Gazi Forest Farm. E The farm, which was named liği Atatürk Orman Çiftliği ın with the law no. The activities of the farm are examined and annexed by the Prime Ministry Supreme Board of Auditors each year; These reports are discussed and approved by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey KIT Commission. The land, from the 1950s to the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution, Cement Plants, coal depots, transformers, various factories, sports facilities, housing cooperatives, construction of the place, universities, Ankaray storage facilities, Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal , Ordu House, tourist facilities; The farm land was destroyed by selling, sold and destroyed. Today, Gazi Suburban Station is located in the vicinity of the center, around him in an area of ​​Zoo, accommodation facilities, swimming pool, restaurants, children's gardens serve the visitors. A variety of products are produced in the dairy factory, wine and juice factory in the farm.


          "Gazi Station" train station was built for the people visiting the farm [8]. The building designed by the architect Ahmet Burhanettin Bey (Tamcı) is one of the first monumental railway structures of the First National Architecture Movement; The building, which was commissioned on 1 February 1926, serves as a restaurant today. Between 1936 and 1937, architect Ernst Arnold Egli built some buildings on the farmland at Atatürk's request. The brewery on the farm land, the brewery bath, the housing for the civil servants and the workers, the villa built for a home and farm manager for the spiritual daughter of Atatürk, is one of the buildings built by Egli. In 1933, a farm was set up in the farm for the purpose of exposing animals such as wolves, foxes, jackals, bears, pigs, birds, wolves, and animals that harmed human beings. This miniature zoo attracted a lot of attention and a modern zoo was created by Necdet Pençe and was put into service in 1940. It was established as Turkey's largest zoos in an area of ​​32 hectares. A copy of the house where Atatürk was born in Thessaloniki was built by Ankara Chamber of Commerce on the land of the farm and was opened to visit in 1981 under the name of "Atatürk Orman Çiftliği Atatürk Evi Museum". In 1988, the memorial-park State cemetery was put into service within the Atatürk Forest Farm.

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