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          Atakule Tower Shopping Center, Ankara, famous shopping center with revolving restaurant tower. Cankaya district, Cinnah Street and Çankaya Street intersect, Zübeyde Hanim Square is in a position.


         October 13, 1989 Date of Ankara, the capital of the anniversary corresponding to occur by 66 days under the 8th President Turgut Ozal, the tower was inaugurated, Turkey has started to provide first and second services Shopping Center in Ankara. The name of the building was determined as a result of a competition. The plan and project of the modern shopping center were prepared by Architect Ragıp Buluç. Kutlutaş Construction Company and all the Turkish Engineers and workers built by the foundations of the shopping center was laid in 1987 by the then Prime Minister Turgut Ozal. The name was given to the people of Ankara by a competition. It is an important tourism center in terms of its architectural structure and location. The opening of the new lighting on June 12, 2011 was made by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In 2012 all tenants were evacuated and the shopping center closed. At the present time, the branch of Vakıflar Bank, which owns only a cruise terrace, operates. In 2014, the demolition of the shopping center part started, but due to a fundamental problem, the tower was shaken. Today, although the demolition process of the shopping center has been completed, the tower remains in place. However, the cruise terrace is closed.


The mall

The Atrium is a 5-storey section with a wedding and cocktail lounge as a social unit.

Tower Section

It is constructed with 125 m height reinforced concrete carrier system and it is reached to 87 m high elevation with two elevators which have city views in exit and landing. Under this section there is a cafe-bar floor and a restaurant with a rotating platform on it. At the top, there is a cocktail lounge under the dome and the existing infrastructure in the shopping center and tower. Moreover, Turkey's one of the first rotating platform with tower looking terraced restaurant, brings monumental and symbolic nature of the facility with the technological features.


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