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          Aqua Vega Aquarium, Turkey's Ankara Mamak district Doğukent Boulevard is located in Nata Vega Outlet is located within the second in Europe, Turkey, with the largest tunnel aquarium, aquarium open to the public.


Technicial Specifications

          Aqua Vega has a total of 21 sections and has a total area of ​​5.000 m2. In the aquarium opened on April 23, 2012, thirty species of reptiles are exhibited as well as freshwater and sea water aquariums. In addition, a sample of the salt cave inspired by the salt cave in Çankırı province is open to visitors.

          On the first floor of Aqua Vega, which consists of two floors; adrenaline world, cafe and gift shop, salt cave, diving school, pet shop, ticket booth, photo shooting area, aquariums, koi fish, seashells museum and aquarium restaurant, the second floor of the tunnel aquarium, amp space, aqua cafe, The touch pool is located. The aquarium tank, which includes the largest and tunnel aquarium, receives 3.5 million liters of water. It takes 15 days to fully fill this aquarium with water. The local fishes in the aquarium were brought from the fish facility in the town of Altınoluk, Edremit, Balıkesir.


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