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         It is believed that Kremna (Girme, present-day Çamlık) and Hellence “”ρημνα Κ bir cliff ik located in Çamlık village of Bucak province of Burdur province are exactly overlapping with the topographic structure of the city. Located at an elevation of 1100 meters, the northern, southern and eastern parts of Kremna are surrounded by inaccessible cliffs. The west side separated by a small valley, about 2 meters in width, 6 meters in height, the fortification of the city by making a steep, hard to reach the fortress was given. Strabon mentions that the king of Galat, who ruled between 39 and 25 BC, was under the rule of Pisidia, but that Kremna was an impregnable city; He even refers to the conquest of this city by the king of Galatia. Emperor Augustus will be aware of his strategic position that in 25 BC he made Kremna one of the five colonial cities in Pisidia. After this period, the city has become quite rich and has gained magnificent public structures.

In the 3rd century AD, Kremna is known to be a rogue nest. Even in this period, the Roman Emperor Probus (276-282 AD) put the city under a siege for two years against Lydius, the Isaurian bandit who set himself up. When Lydius was killed by his own men, the commanders of Probus had regained the city. Remains of the Roman headquarters and the siege of the siege, which were set up against the western walls of the city, can now be clearly monitored. There are very few data on the Byzantine Period in Kremna. The decline of the rural population, probably due to the political turmoil of the Early Byzantine period, was also seen in the ancient city of Kremna.

The weakness of the Byzantine settlement, in a way, is the chance of Kremna. Because the use of ancient material in the Byzantine buildings as a re-use for Kremna is not too much valid. For this reason, most of the architectural structures belonging to magnificent structures have survived to the present day.

A large number of observation towers have been identified in the surrounding areas of the city. Although these data are easy to defend the city, it shows that security is kept at the highest level.

Kremna, one of the strongest cities of Pisidia region, is waiting for researchers, nature lovers and visitors.


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