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          Alahan Monastery is on the Taurus Mountains and approximately 1200 m. It is altitude. The road to the monastery is open almost every season and the main road takes 10 minutes.

One of the disciples of Jesus Christ of Tarsus (Paul) and Barnabes, one of the pioneers of Christianity, who lived in Tarsus, M.S. In 41, they made various journeys in Anatolia to spread Christianity. The temples were built to memories of these saints almost everywhere during their trips. However, since Christianity was not official religion at the time and worship was hidden, it was preferred that the temples were in places that were out of sight and difficult to reach. It is understood that a temple was built at the place where the Alahan Monastery was.

But today the monastery was built in the fifth century after the official recognition of Christianity. The monastery was built by the monastery in the monastery and a monument called Tarasis. However, the financing was largely provided by the Byzantine Empire Byzantine emperor. Some sources of the monastery M.S. 440-442 years, some sources also M.S. It was built after 474. Emperor 440-442 period II. Theodosius (401-450), after 474 Flavius ​​Zeno'ydu (425-491). (Perhaps the different parts of the monastery were built in the period of different emperors).

It is understood that the brilliant period of the monastery ended when the Arab raids began, that is, in the 7th century. However, it is obvious that the monastery was standing for a long time. Thus, in the 17th century, the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi (1611-1683) described the monastery as coming out of his hand.

Alahan Monastery is a complex spread over a large area. This complex consists of the Western Church (Evangelist Basilica), the Monastery and the Eastern Church, the monastery rooms carved in the rock and the surrounding tombs. The complex's rich decoration with stone workmanship and motifs shows that the period comes from the most skillful hands. However, the Western Church was destroyed. The Eastern Church remains a historical site.

In a place believed to be the entrance of the ruined Western church, there are winged angels and various animal depictions, including Gabriel and Michael, and Jesus bust. The two structures are connected to each other with a 115 m long arched arched gallery-terrace. In the middle of the gallery is a large niche, which is processed with embossed ornament on each side. There is a baptistery with an apse in the same gallery. There is a cross-shaped pool in the baptistery. The rock tombs were carved across the baptistery. One of the graves belongs to Tarasis, the founder of the Manastir group. His inscription is as follows: The sacred founding Tarasis lies in the memory of the deceased Flavius ​​Severinus and Flavius ​​Dagalaiphus, who died on Tuesday 13th of the 15th year of the indictment.

The eastern church is made of cut stones with careful workmanship. Different parts of the church are decorated with relief ornaments. There are four windows on each side of the dome, which is close to the rectangle. The church has common features with the Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul, which will be built sixty years later (532-537).

Alahan monastery was added to the list of World Tentative on 25.02.2000. Turkey is the list during 12.


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