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          Located in the center of the city, Agora Open House Museum is a multicultural and multi-layered city, and it faces as a part of historical touch in Izmir. When you look at Kadifekale, you can see the open air museum and excavation areas very clearly.


          Agora, one of the big agoras in the city center of the world, is the only example in the world with its three storey structure. The Agora in Namazgah, one of the oldest districts of Izmir, is a multi-storey building with columns and arches around a large marble-paved courtyard built as a structure. The word Agora, meaning "market place", is a state of the state where political meetings and popular courts are also held. The Agora, M.S. After the earthquake in 178, it undergoes major repairs.


          Poseidon, one of the most important works in the Agora, can be seen in the Demeter sculpture group at the History and Art Museum. The graceful relief portrait of Faustina, the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who loves İzmir, who is on the arch of the West Gate of Agora, greets the guests who come at the entrance of the ruins with affection.

           It is thought that the spring water at the entrance to the basilica has flowed since the first time. One of the most exciting discoveries in the Agora is the graphs in the section where the Roman Period stores are located. The wall writings, which are defined as the richest Greek graffiti collection of the world, contain sections of everyday life in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Preservation of graphites M.S. It is foreseen that they were made between the 2nd and 4th centuries. There are about 1500 graffiti standing on the walls for two thousand years without disappearing and it is known that the drawings were made by painting or scraping. There are opinions about Izmir city, words written in love, ship drawings.

          The Agora is an area where the ruin was used as a cemetery in the Namazgah neighborhood for many years; the master also houses grave stones handled in an elegant manner. As a result of the agora excavations, grave stones of the Ottoman period in the cemetery moved to another area can be seen in the field.

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